Accelerated Bridge Construction

Accelerated bridge construction is making a name for itself in bridge replacement and now is a realistic option in bridge rehabilitation, proven by successful projects such as Minnesota’s Franklin Avenue Bridge and Pennsylvania’s State Route 30 Bessemer Bridge.

Bridge replacements and closures can force commuters into frustratingly long detours, block residents from convenient access to their homes or delay life-saving emergency services. Fortunately, by constructing as much of the new bridge as possible offline, ABC can speed replacement or rehabilitation of workhorse bridges to reduce mobility impacts and user costs.

Owners who develop robust ABC programs often enjoy greater support from their communities, their state legislatures and even Congress. Today, ABC projects have been completed successfully, or are underway, in 44 states.

HNTB has been at the forefront of the ABC trend since it began in 2006. The firm worked with the Transportation Research Board and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials on a six-year project that resulted in the Strategic Highway Research Program Report S2-R04-RR-2: Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal: ABC Toolkit. The report includes national ABC design standards, design examples and construction specifications to guide public agencies on implementation.

HNTB also has a growing track record of involvement in successful ABC projects, including:
Bala Sivakumar, PE, has led national bridge research projects on accelerated bridge design for TRB under the Strategic Highway Research Program and was the primary author of the Strategic Highway Research Program Report S2-R04-RR-2: “Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal: ABC Toolkit.”

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