America THINKS surveys

Each year, HNTB conducts its own industry research that helps stakeholders understand what the American people are thinking about our nation’s infrastructure.

Americans have come to appreciate the often conflicting challenges created by increased demand on existing infrastructure that for years has not received adequate investment. They understand that emerging demands on an already over-burdened transportation network affect us all, and express a desire for improvements that will contribute to increased safety and convenience. 

Understanding the value of pinpointing specific concerns and identifying potential solutions, HNTB Corporation encourages dialogue and discussion among industry professionals, elected and appointed officials and the general public by asking “What do you think?” as part of its America THINKS survey series.

America THINKS surveys published in 2017 include:

Airport Terminals - 2017

Here is the 2016 survey compilation, which is made up of the data from these 2016 survey results:


National Mobility Survey
National Transit Oriented Development Survey
National Tolling Survey

In 2015, HNTB conducted multiple national and regional surveys about transit, emerging technologies, transportation investment and more. Here is the 2015 survey compilation, which is made up of the data from these 2015 survey results:

The following research findings from America THINKS surveys in 2013 and 2014 remain relevant.
Here is the 2014 survey compilation which is made up of the data from these 2014 survey results: