Tampa Bay SunGuide

Tampa Bay, Florida

System and traffic management center provide safer, more efficient interstates

HNTB served as system manager of phase one of the Tampa Bay Sun Guide intelligent transportation system, including The Tampa Bay SunGuide Center, which serves as the hub of communication that keeps motorists informed on Tampa’s busy highways.

Working with Florida Department of Transportation District 7 from concept to completion, HNTB ensured that the $34 million project stayed on track and met FDOT’s goal of providing safer, more efficient urban interstates.

Employees at the system’s traffic management center work around the clock to monitor traffic detectors and a bank of closed-circuit TV cameras displayed on a 240-square-foot video wall and work closely with FDOT and the Florida Highway Patrol to ensure that motorists are safe and informed. SunGuide also helps FDOT coordinate mass evacuation of residents during hurricanes. The system also enhances communication and coordination with surrounding municipalities and public agencies.

Phase one deployment included:
• 37 miles of freeway
• 44 closed-circuit television cameras
• 147 vehicle detectors that measure speed and volume
• 45 miles of fiber-optic cable
• 20,386-square-foot regional transportation management center
• 29 dynamic message signs