Van Nuys 16R Runway Rehabilitation

Los Angeles, California

Work completed to FAA standards and client satisfaction with only 10-day closure

  • Final design completed in three months
  • Runway’s length temporarily reduced while staying operational
  • Project meets budget and 20-year design life requirement

Design engineer HNTB completed rehabilitation of Van Nuys Airport’s 8,000-foot primary runway without a secondary runway to handle the majority of jet operations during construction.

HNTB completed final design in three months to qualify the runway for a Federal Aviation Administration grant that would pay for 90 percent of the project.

Crews reconstructed each end of the runway first – shortening it to 5,000 feet but keeping it operational. However, the approach allowed the facility to remain operational. After both ends were completed, workers closed the runway completely and tackled the 4,000-foot center section, working 24 hours a day for 10 days straight.

HNTB’s phased approach avoided a proposed nine-week closure that would have put some tenants out of business. Instead, the spot-on planning and execution enhanced the tenant-airport relations.

The rehabbed 16R meets current FAA standards and has a 20-year life span.