John Basilica, Jr.

Basilica pulls from his 21 years of executive experience in state government agencies and deep expertise in disaster assessment, recovery and preparedness to deliver for our clients to help them prepare and recovery from disasters. He served as program manager for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development’s $180 million program for repairs to federal-aid-eligible roadways after Hurricane Katrina, and as project manager for Superstorm Sandy Disaster Assistance/Road Repair for the New York City Department of Transportation. Additionally, he was the principal-in-charge on an extension-of-staff services contract for the Coastal Protection and Restoration Agency to overhaul New Orleans’ flood protection system. 
Basilica serves as HNTB’s Gulf Coast District leader and vice president, overseeing offices in Louisiana and Mississippi. He leads HNTB’s disaster recovery services practice nationwide. Prior to joining HNTB, he served as the chief of staff and later as undersecretary of LaDOTD. He also performed similar duties for the Louisiana State Military Department for three years. 
Master of Science in construction engineering and management, University of Maryland College Park 
Bachelor of Science in civil engineering, United States Military Academy at West Point