Matt Click, AICP

One of the toll industry’s most recognized specialists in priced managed lanes, corridors and networks, Click’s expertise includes priced managed lanes projects in Florida, Texas, Georgia, Minnesota and Washington.

Leveraging nearly 20 years of extensive experience in tolling, all-electronic tolling, transportation finance, congestion pricing and priced managed lanes, he travels the nation advising state DOTs and other transportation agencies on planning, financing and implementing priced managed programs in congested urban areas.

He has experience working with both the public- and private-sectors, including public tolling authorities, private concessionaires, state departments of transportation, metropolitan planning organizations, regional transportation authorities and the federal government.

Professional affiliations:
● American Institute of Certified Planners, certified planner
● International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association, sustaining member

30 seconds with Matt Click …

Q. How are priced managed lanes different from tolled lanes?
A. "Managed lane operators use three types of restrictions to control the number of vehicles in a given lane and promote mobility: access, where the operator limits the number of on-ramps; eligibility, where the operator restricts what types of vehicles can use the lane (e.g., buses use the lanes for free access while single-occupant vehicles pay); or pricing, where the operator charges a toll to use the lane. In some cases, tolls are adjusted according to time of day (peak-period pricing) or level of congestion (variable pricing)."

Q. Why should American cities consider priced managed lanes?
A. "Congestion pricing – through delivery mechanisms such as priced managed lanes – is a viable solution to the traffic problems plaguing many of America’s biggest cities. Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, Minneapolis, Denver, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Orlando, Florida, and Washington, D.C., have, or soon will have, priced managed lanes operating in urban areas."

Q. Can price managed lanes help finance road projects?
A. "Transportation officials are actively exploring ways to effectively charge road users without raising the gas tax. Priced managed lanes and other forms of tolling are some of the alternatives they are considering."

● Master of Science in urban and regional planning, Florida State University
● Bachelor of Science in political science and sociology, Florida State University
● Florida Department of Transportation, Graduate Leadership Academy
● Florida Department of Transportation, Leadership Academy